How we’ll work together 

Rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with our customers allows us to align the entire company to your growth objectives.



We gather the necessary insights from key stakeholders (organizational structure, products, services, industry, buying personas, competitive landscape, sales process and sales methodologies). We use these insights to customize training materials to achieve high engagement from participants.



We infuse these insights into the baseline curriculum. We also identify and develop any new materials that are needed to support the sales training and ensure adoption. We make sure that you are in full agreement with what we are presenting to your teams during delivery.



We leverage high-impact workshops to teach the program to sales and marketing leaders before rolling it out to the broader sales organization. Pre-work, the workshops and ongoing learning and development ensure leaders leave the workshops feeling empowered to coach all aspects of the program.



Like it sounds. We launch the program to the sales teams, often at SKO. The majority of the instruction consists of workshops, role plays and practical exercises that leverage real-world selling scenarios to achieve maximum learning, retention and engagement from participants.



We ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for this initiative. Immediately after training, remote reinforcement webinars are scheduled for attendees to stay in lock step, hear success stories and introduce more digital selling strategies and tactics.