His career started in working capital finance in the late nineties with GE Capital in Sydney. The next 10 years were spent at Complinet leading sales organizations in both London and New York before Complinet was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2011.

LinkedIn recruited him as a member of the senior leadership team in 2012 to hire, train and lead the Sales Solutions division at LinkedIn and bring LinkedIn Sales Navigator to market. He then launched LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Financial Services, Insurance and Banking. During his tenure, he created the LinkedIn profile optimization program 'Resume to Reputation'. This program now forms the backbone of LinkedIn's recommendations to members on profile best practices. In 2013, he introduced The Challenger Sale through the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) to LinkedIn Sales Solutions. In the summer of 2014 he trained the global LinkedIn Sales Solutions division on social selling in Chicago. In the same year he hosted LinkedIn FinanceConnect and LinkedIn SalesConnect for LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

In 2015, Onalytica Research named Dan as one of the leading social selling influencers globally. In the same year he joined Sprinklr as VP Sales, a social media management software company headquartered in New York. At Sprinklr, Dan implemented the digital selling program. The company is now valued at $1.8bn.

Dan has spoken around the world at industry conferences, universities and corporate sales events. 



"Unbelievable experience!! This workshop lifted my visibility and my bottom line! Best training session ever! These were just of the reactions I tapped in the aftermath of last year's awesome workshop on Social Selling run by Dan Swift from Empire. And as the sales year progressed, those solutions sales people who implemented Dan's techniques averaged results almost 20% higher than their peers and our software sales at SAI Global grew 35% year on year. Preaching to the converted? Sure, why not! I will take that added edge for my best sales people every day of the week. Huge gratitude Dan Swift; as I looked back on all the numbers, you were the single best investment that I made in our Americas sales team last year".

— Michael Orrick, EVP Commercial, SAI Global

"I was impressed with the content and knowledge. He made it interactive and covered history and stats around Social Selling as well as easy, actionable steps every sales professional can take in prospecting plus useful tools for posting content or sales hunting. Dan also shared successful examples from his own experience pitching digital solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Lastly, Dan presents the information in an energetic, passionate manner. Highly recommended for your sales organization be it B2C, B2B, SMB or Enterprise across industries".

— Andrew Malkin, Enterprise Account Executive, Consumer Goods, Salesforce

"I have a background in social media software and it's strategic use for marketing from previous experience and my background in business school. Recently, I attended a class by Empire Selling run by Dan. I can easily say that Dan provided more value throughout the night than the courses, articles or experience I've had in the past. He is an authority on Social Selling and really knows his stuff. Not only was the overall strategy insightful and thought-provoking, the tactics and tips he was able to demonstrate made it easy for me to make adjustments with my own social presence and how I approach social selling. His charismatic approach and prepared materials make evolving your opinion on the power of social media tangible. I would (and have recommended) Dan and Empire Selling to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and improve their presence both on and offline".

— Tom Johnston, Commercial Account Executive, Salesforce

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone in sales, sales leadership, and marketing. For anyone in sales, social selling is very relevant topic. Dan's course provided an excellent introduction into the whys of social selling, as well as practical instruction on how to improve your social selling efforts. In addition to being informative, Dan was a friendly, engaging, and considerate host for the course".

— Dave Rowe, Client Lead, Gartner

"Dan's guidance in the social selling realm has truly transformed my perception of the entire sales cycle, and why finding a mutual interest/connection while putting yourself and your product second behind your customers needs/desires, gets you to the front of the line. Working with Dan's insights has been nothing but incredible - I will utilize and incorporate his teachings for the rest of my career".

— Leland Folkes, Account Manager, Planview

"Check out his incredible track record. Dan has all of the professional qualities and background of a leader but what truly sets Dan apart from his peers is all of the intangibles you can't put on a LinkedIn page or resume. Dan genuinely cares about everyone he interacts with - clients, colleagues, it doesn't matter. By putting people's wellbeing at the center of everything he does he inspires his team on a daily basis and makes his clients believe he can take them to a place that they can't get to on their own. Dan's the guy that gives the thoughtful keynote and is the exact same person when get gets off stage. He's incapable of not being genuine, caring is in his DNA and compassion is his primary currency. Working with or for Dan will not only make you smarter or more successful - it will make you a better person".

— Chris Curtis, Director, CreatorIQ

"I had the pleasure of attending Dan's Social Media Boot Camp and found it to be extremely informative and helpful. From Dan's best practices for establishing yourself as a trusted advisor to having a content strategy and leveraging social media for research to making a connection, Dan's workshop was instrumental in helping me better utilize the power of social media. I highly recommend Empire Social Media for empowering yourself and leveraging social media to boost your personal brand and business to win deals".

— Troy Larkin, Digital Director, Lightpost Digital

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in Dan’s Empire Selling class in New York City. Dan is not only very well versed in the subject matter but his passion for authentic social media presence was inspiring and contagious! What I most appreciated about Dan’s class was that he provided us with a structured approach and methodology to make social selling easy for us (sellers) to understand, while providing the tools we need to be most effective. Often times trainers forget to connect the 'why' for the audience but Dan truly engaged us with his anecdotes, passion and experience".

— Lena Budraitis, Director, Magnesol

"I highly recommend the class run by Dan Swift of Empire Selling. Dan's knowledge and presentation skills made for a very productive and informative workshop. We covered a vast amount of material in a very personal and professional manner. I left feeling more knowledgeable and confident about my ability to understand and more effectively leverage LinkedIn".

— Marc Christmas, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Mitchel & Titus, LLP

"Do it!! I hit my targets, use tools like LinkedIn and Twitter for research, and reach out to prospects with calls and emails. Social selling is so much more than that. Empire Selling is not a lecture. He provides the vision, cadence and tools to engage with your customers driving them to you. You will leave with a to-do list and coach to make you an effective social seller. Selling is so much more fun when your customers come to you!"

— Roger Keren, Enterprise Customer Advisor, Amazon

"When you meet Dan it is so obvious that this guy lives life. He is working in a field that fuels his passion. His expertise and thought leadership in social media is extraordinary and makes you want to be around him and hear his stories. I am fortunate to interact with all types of business professional on a weekly basis and Dan represents the kind you just want to be around more! if you have a chance to work with Dan grab it!"

— Linda T. McGuigan, President, Corporate Leadership Solutions, The John Maxwell Company

"Dan said it best himself. He's a human being who cares about other human beings. His willingness to offer up advice, and provide a helping hand separate him from the rest of the pack. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the human element of sales, with his social media expertise, Dan is one of the few who walk the walk, and talk the talk. He's experienced, poised, and brings a game-changing energy to everything he does".

— Alessandro Raffa, Account Executive, SaleMove













"Over a year and a half ago the head of field marketing at Merrill Lynch asked me to figure out how to help advisors best leverage LinkedIn for client acquisition. For months, Dan traveled the country with me, sitting side-by-side with advisors in order to understand how to best enable them to succeed. Dan made the time (sometimes at 4 am) to lead progress amidst an increasingly regulated industry. He is passionate about his cause and together we made enormous strides in helping advisors source leads and ask for introductions, resulting in millions of dollars in new assets. Dan's work ethic and dedication are the reason we attained the results we did. The work we did together, moving prospecting into the digital age, is the professional accomplishment I am the most proud of. His vision and strategic approach make him a rare find in today's workplace. I feel lucky to have worked so closely with him on such a meaningful project".

— Dawn Schricke, Head of Advisor Enablement, Merrill Lynch



"Infectious energy, passion, clear vision and warm leadership are the words that come to mind when I think about the time I spent working with Dan. Dan is a master of his craft, one who truly empathizes with his client and sees the world through their eyes - whether it's a Fortune 500 CEO or a new Advisor. His thirst for creating new paths, for getting to "yes", fuels his spirit and as a client, you can't help but walk away feeling as though you're the only client that matters. I am grateful to Dan for showing us how to achieve scale, how to connect the dots and how to see the dots we didn't even know were there".

—Beth Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, Guardian Life

"Dan Swift has an encyclopedic knowledge of social selling that he shares with polished presentation skills. He will not let you down! Dan was the featured speaker at my company’s 2016 Digital Expo in New Jersey. His presentation provided our audience of professional insurance agents with actionable takeaways they could implement immediately. He provided agents with expert advice on optimizing their LinkedIn profiles and leveraging their networks. His energy and insights had the audience completely engaged for the entire three hour presentation. He encouraged audience questions and was adept at answering them on the spot. I highly recommend Dan for any company looking to have a social selling expert provide concrete guidance and useful insights to their audience".

— Laura Castellano, Online Marketing Manager, Plymouth Rock

"Dan has been a terrific member of our advisory board. He's super smart -- and not just about social media. He's also very engaged and just a pleasure to work with".

— Paul Carroll, CEO, Insurance Thought Leadership

"Dan's leadership has helped advance social selling not only within The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America more than 3,500 financial professionals but throughout the Financial Services industry. His ability to listen and understand Guardian's unique set of challenges helped move Guardian's social media program forward and into a true industry leader".

— Nate Isaacson, Director of Social Selling, Guardian Life

"Dan quickly established himself as a trusted partner in XL's efforts to support business development through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. His confidence, positive nature and strong listening skills served XL well through a long sales cycle and initial skepticism. Moreover, Dan was an ardent supporter throughout our adoption cycle and a vocal advocate for XL within LinkedIn. I'm grateful to him as his contributions led to positive ROI - and personally for the opportunities he opened for me. I'd work with - or for - Dan in a heartbeat. A true leader".

— John Flannery, VP Marketing & Communications, XL Catlin

LIMRA 2014

LIMRA 2014

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LinkedIn Sales Connect



"I had the privilege of delivering a joint keynote with Dan to the 2014 American Bankers Association. And to be completely modest, we killed up on stage and changed lives forever!  Normally sharing the stage with someone and delivering an amazing presentation takes months of practice and lots of time in person to gel. Instead, Dan and I met in person just 16 hours before we had to go on. Thankfully Dan has a knack for sharing the spotlight and helping those around him shine. He's also incredibly easy to work with despite his large amount of responsibilities. For those who haven't worked with Dan yet, you should know he's more passionate about helping others than you could possibly imagine. In short, Dan is amazing and a true delight to work with… and now he has a recommendation saying just that!"

— Mark Zmarzly, Founder & CEO, Hip Pocket

Empire Selling is EXCELLENT. He greatly accelerated my learning curve and gave me great tools I can use immediately. Dan is also a sincerely nice person, who is interested in whomever he is speaking with. If you have the chance to work with/learn from Dan, be sure to take it".

— Mark Ricca, President & CEO, First American International Bank






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