SAP SuccessFactors solutions help bring your organization’s purpose to life and put more meaning into people’s work, creating an engaged workforce that improves both performance and profit. As part of SAP, they help customers use intelligence to strengthen engagement across the entire workforce; deliver new, meaningful workplace experiences; and join a community that defines the future of work. As a leading cloud-based HCM suite, SAP SuccessFactors solutions help more than 6,700 customers and 120 million users, across more than 60 industries in over 200 countries and territories, turn purpose into performance.



B2B buying behavior has changed significantly in recent years. We partner with Empire Selling to ensure we engage with our customers in the way in which they want to be engaged. It is critical that every single customer facing professional adds value at every single touch point. Our sales development, account executive and sales leadership teams are learning critical sales, marketing and business skills to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Thank you for your partnership Dan Swift and the team at Empire Selling.
— Annie Neubrech, Chief Operating Officer, SAP SuccessFactors
It is our responsibility as leaders to stay up-to-speed on the latest trends in buying behavior. It is also our responsibility as leaders to provide training to our sales people to ensure they serve the market in the way in which it wants to be served. We partner with Empire Selling to ensure that both our customers and sales teams continue to be productive and successful.
— Peter Brown, VP Sales, SAP SuccessFactors
Business is changing. Customers have different expectations of sales professionals - We have to add value immediately and continue to add value at every touch point. Empire Selling provides us with the strategies and tactics to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Shifting the focus to digital selling is having dramatically positive results for our sales development, account executives, and sales leaders.
— Katie Mevis, VP Sales, SAP SuccessFactors
I have been through over 3,000 hours of professional sales training and personally facilitated another 10,000 hours of sales and leadership training and coaching. Empire Selling was by far the best training I have been through in years. Dan was engaging and credible and the content was extremely relevant for today’s market.
— Angela Pyles, Senior Account Executive, SAP SuccessFactors