About SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba provides the world’s largest business network, best-in-class cloud procurement solutions, and innovative business models to help you modernize and grow your business. We live in an era of dizzying change and digital transformation that has a huge impact on your business. SAP Ariba is rethinking how work gets done in this new, digital economy. It is more critical than ever that your business adapts. How you manage your supply chain – your supplier relationships, your transactions, the business you need to do with your suppliers – is no exception. Managing a supply chain goes far beyond basic process. It’s about more than making transactions zip back and forth over the web. And managing relationships with customers is about more than getting invoices to them as fast as possible, with as few clicks as possible. Automating the basic process of any supply chain is important, but it’s not enough. To get control of your supply chain and your spending, you need to shift your perspective from the process to the bigger picture. And you need to find a technology partner that can help. A partner who can help you think holistically about how you can collaborate with your suppliers, who understands the complexities of managing a healthy supply chain, and who can connect every part of your purchasing process across your entire business while giving your suppliers a way to better manage and grow theirs.

That’s where SAP Ariba comes in. SAP Ariba integrates the entire buying process across your entire organization. When you connect to Ariba Network, you connect to millions of suppliers across direct and indirect expense categories.

  • SAP Ariba is open to all systems and all types of goods and services, giving you innovative ways to connect to the world’s largest network of buyers and suppliers, collaborate with the right business partners, and enhance your solution with targeted apps and extensions. 

  • SAP Ariba delivers the insight you need to create and manage lasting, trusted connections with partners who fit with your business, while ensuring your policies and preferences automatically guide efficient, error-free transactions. 

  • SAP Ariba offers an end-to-end automated system that removes complexity and allows buyers and suppliers to manage everything from contracts to payments all in one place.  

In their words

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Empire Selling takes 'social' to the next phase of maturity, which is a quantum leap ahead aligning the whole organization around engaging with clients and prospective clients holistically and with authenticity. This means Marketing, Sales and the Executive team all have a role to play - and that is a real game changing approach.

Pat McCarthy, SVP & General Manager

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Empire Selling approaches social selling from the perspective of a salesperson, not a marketer, which earns them instant credibility with prospecting team members. They create enthusiasm and convert their audience into believers and practitioners of social selling. Thank you Empire Selling for training our team!

Laura Laney, Demand Generation Operations & Strategy Director


Dan Swift has a tremendous background and story to go along with the passion he has for helping companies dramatically shift how they use LinkedIn to grow their business. In working with Dan at SAP Ariba, I found him to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and a fun guy to be around. Any organization looking to grow their business using LinkedIn will know within 30 minutes of meeting Dan that his personality will keep your team engaged and excited to implement what they learn.

Dan Altieri, Senior Manager, Sales Development

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