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Empire Selling takes ‘social’ to the next phase of maturity, which is a quantum leap ahead aligning the whole organization around engaging with clients and prospective clients holistically and with authenticity. This means Marketing, Sales and the Executive team all have a role to play - and that is a real game changing approach.
— Pat McCarthy, SVP & General Manager, SAP Ariba
Empire Selling approaches social selling from the perspective of a salesperson, not a marketer, which earns them instant credibility with prospecting team members. They create enthusiasm and convert their audience into believers and practitioners of social selling. Thank you Empire Selling for training our team!
— Laura Laney, Demand Generation Operations & Strategy Director, SAP Ariba
Empire Selling takes selling to another level - making it REAL and RELEVANT in today’s digital world. A thoroughly engaging and interactive session where we worked with real prospects, had relevant conversations and set up real meetings. This is a MUST HAVE training for any business who wants to stay ahead in the market, no matter how big or small!
— Chirag Gidwani, Account Executive, SAP Ariba