It’s Time to Rethink SKO.

By the end of the session, 300+ Zertonians were building pipeline. A great investment

Not your average SKO experience.


Your customer-facing teams are together. Energy and expectations are high for the coming year. Salespeople do not want to be talked at for 3 days! We’re not good at sitting still. Why not leverage them and us to secure game-changing pipeline during your SKO this year?

The Empire Selling Difference.

We combine learning with execution to break down the silos between sales and marketing, cross-functional partners, and executive leadership. We activate the cumulative networks of SKO attendees to surface new business opportunities. Teams succeed by leveraging each others’ unique skills to secure meetings with decision makers at target companies.

Relationships Matter.

Salespeople build relationships with members of the executive team, marketing, product and other salespeople during SKO that otherwise would never have been formed. They leave leveraging each other’s relationships at scale to secure meetings with the people that matter the most at their target accounts.

Forward-thinking companies leverage their SKO to launch their Empire Selling program. Interested in just a keynote? Click here for more details.

Empire Selling takes ‘social’ to the next phase of maturity, which is a quantum leap ahead aligning the whole organization around engaging with clients and prospective clients holistically and with authenticity.
— Pat McCarthy, SVP & GM, SAP

Don’t waste a high stakes once-a-year opportunity.

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We brought Empire Selling in for our global SKO meeting, consisting of 210 people from 11 countries around the world. While the content and Empire’s presentation style kept the entire audience engaged, the tailored preparation most impressed me. Empire Selling was a great investment, and I’d recommend them without reservation.
Empire Selling was one of the best parts of our sales summit. Not only is Dan energetic, charismatic, and interesting to listen to, his tips and tricks for social selling were easy to understand and actionable for the group immediately. Dan gave terrific examples on ways to provide greater value to your client base as well as interesting ideas on how to get introduced to decision makers. I highly recommend Empire Selling.