Modern prospecting techniques to secure executive meetings

My team is now winning with social selling. They are now armed with so many different social selling strategies and tactics to secure meetings with economic buyers.
— Lora Kassanchuk, Manager of Business Development, SOVOS
Empire Selling approaches social selling from the perspective of a salesperson, not a marketer, which earns them instant credibility with prospecting team members.
— Laura Laney, Demand Generation Operations & Strategy Director, SAP Ariba
Empire Selling was one of the best parts of our sales summit. I highly recommend Empire Selling.
— Marissa Coslov, Vice President, Business Development at eMarketer
Within a few hours we had tangible results from the workshop, including LinkedIn “facelifts” and a framework for more effective prospecting and outreach.
— Simone Pitre, Business Development, APT Mastercard
I would recommend Empire Selling to all Business Development and Sales teams looking to develop their social selling skills and grow deeper prospective relationships.
— Kim Ficker, Business Development, SOVOS