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 Sailthru Sail Big in the Big Easy 2018

Sailthru Sail Big in the Big Easy 2018

 Devon McDermott, Senior Director, Global Enablement, Sailthru

Devon McDermott, Senior Director, Global Enablement, Sailthru

In her words…

A razzle-dazzle global enablement director with a proven track record enabling colleagues, clients and partners!

Specialties: Building structured onboarding and training programs, developing and implementing a comprehensive internal enablement program, digital strategy, onsite and webinar training, email marketing, interpersonal communication, client retention.

We asked Devon 3 questions:

  1. Why did you decide to have someone come and talk about social selling to your company?

  2. Why did you pick Dan Swift and Empire Selling?

  3. How did it go?

 Caroline McCausland, Strategic Account Executive at Sailthru

Caroline McCausland, Strategic Account Executive at Sailthru

In her words…

Dan pulled together a 3 day workshop for our Sales Kickoff in January 2018, and completely blew the team away with his concise breakdown of the Challenger Sale method.

His training was tailored to our needs as a SaaS business with clear and engaging (yes, actually fun!) exercises that made it feel less like a conference and more like an interactive working session. 

The best part of working with Dan, by far, was the open floor Q&A where our team could really dig into the wealth of knowledge and years of Sales experience he brings to the table. Dan was candid, funny, and pointed with his feedback which the team still refers back to on a regular basis. I personally walked away with a stronger backbone for objection handling and pricing negotiations - both of which can be difficult conversations for a green Sales person to get under their belt. 

Dan has been an amazing colleague on a professional level of leading effective and resonating SKO sessions, to simply grabbing a coffee and discussing our careers. His unique abilities to connect with people on a personal level make him an asset to truly any organization.

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