About Military Veteran Partners (MVP)

Military Veteran Partners invests in the people, ideas and companies that create jobs and economic opportunities for our nation’s Veterans. We accomplish our mission through capital, people, mentoring and networking.

  • We invest in entrepreneurs looking to start or grow existing businesses committed to Veteran values and Veteran hiring.

  • We help our partners develop and apply their talents in ways that powerfully impact the American workforce and economy.

  • We work alongside our Veteran entrepreneurs to reduce the risk of business startup and accelerate the growth of their careers and companies.

  • We forge relationships among people and organizations to incubate great ideas and accelerate businesses committed to Veteran empowerment.


Steve Cloetingh, CEO, Military Veteran Partners (MVP)

We at MVP rely on Empire Selling to help our Veteran partners to be successful. We are a rapidly expanding organization and we partner with Empire Selling, and their mentor associates, to achieve our mission to empower and hire Veterans. They are learning the sales skills from Empire Selling that they need, both through social media like Linkedin and face to face I encourage any organization to reach out to them. You will be glad you did!


Suzanne Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Military Veteran Partners (MVP)

At Military Veteran Partners, we empower Veterans through entrepreneurship. Empire Selling spent a day with our team of Veterans, military spouses and Veteran family and has transformed the way their sales strategies and the way they represent themselves as a brand and as sales people. His thoughtful, interactive and well-planned approach is exactly what our business needs. Dan Swift is more than a trainer - he’s a leader and mentor. We are proud to have him on our team.


Timothy Colomer, US Marine & CEO, JDog Junk Removal United

Dan Swift is one of the most personable professionals I have ever met. He is charismatic and fun to be around. His approach to adult learning is exciting and effective. My social media presence has taken off like a rocket with his easy to follow, common sense tips. I have also been able to meet amazing people with his taught concepts of "warm introductions". Using the Empire Selling techniques, I have been able to get over 2500 views of a single post in less than 24 hours. LinkedIn is a glorious tool and Dan is THE instructor to help you get results. Highly recommended - in person or using his web tools. One last point I want to make; Dan's courses are MANDATORY training for my sales professionals. I want to arm them with the best tools and training. I think that says it all.

In action


Andy Weins, Franchise Owner, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling

Empire Selling took on the challenge of training LinkedIn strategies to over 30 people in our organization. The hands-on approach to training with practical exercises was perfect to ensure meaningful learning occurred. Additionally, Dan Swift was gracious enough to come out to get to know our team members and even family members after hours while enjoying the camaraderie that the military is known for. His attention to detail and true care for our organization is remarkable. I highly recommend letting Dan come into your organization to bring out the best in everybody.


Raynard (RJ) Gagnon Jr, VP Marketing, JDog Empire

Dan Swift is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, personable, and passionate for helping others succeed. He is instrumental in my continued success in my field. I could not recommend him enough when it comes to training and coaching. The knowledge base he has at his disposal is incredible and he conveys it with the best attitudes, and accessible content. He has made our missions his. I highly recommend working with Dan if you need support. He is always someone I can count on to answer questions or just bounce ideas off of. He has not steered me wrong yet! And on top of it all, he really is just a great guy!

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