The power of social selling for companies

Founding the social selling business at LinkedIn and launching LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2012 afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of sales professionals, sales and marketing leaders, and executives from all industries around the world.


Sales tactics that work in the modern world

Why would you have your sales people do something when all the data from 3rd party researchers says it is no longer effective?



Sales leadership responsibilities today

It's time to look at one of your new key responsibilities to your team in this increasingly digital world.


The role of executives on social media

Smart phones, the internet and social media are fundamentally changing the relationship between your customers and your company, between you and your employees.



Hear from sales enablement on social selling

Devon McDermott, Senior Director, Global Enablement, Sailthru: How did it go working with Dan Swift and Empire Selling?


The power of sharing content to drive revenue

Sharing content with your network is critical. Here's why...


Engaged CEOs who get social media

Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO, Lotame:  Why did you pick Dan Swift and Empire Selling?

The power of research to drive revenue

The best sales professionals slow down to conduct the right research to attach what they sell to the biggest business drivers at a target company.



The power of digital and social selling training

How to grow revenue and deepen customer relationships through digital and social selling training.


How One Firm Successfully Engaged a Former LinkedIn Insider to Increase Sales with Dan Swift

What happens when you take a former LinkedIn insider/senior leader and put them to work helping a firm develop and implement a super successful strategy for serving advisors and building non-product value in the market?