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About APT Mastercard

APT empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions using APT's software. 

Achieving this Mission requires groundbreaking ideas:

  • Analytical Excellence. Test & Learn is our North Star

  • Client Focus. Build trust-based relationships to drive our clients’ success

  • Innovation. Empower individuals to pursue their ideas and push us forward 

  • A Mastercard Company. Leading technology in partnership with Mastercard’s unique assets

And a unique way of working together:

  • World-Class People. Attract and develop the world’s top talent with a passion for our vision

  • Collaborative Culture. Collaborate based on facts, not politics

  • Diversity. Strive for a diverse workforce that enables generation of diverse insights

  • Make It Happen Mentality. Fight through obstacles to make our goals reality

 APT Mastercard Sales Kick-Off

APT Mastercard Sales Kick-Off

 Sheldon Jones, SVP Sales, Mastercard Platforms

Sheldon Jones, SVP Sales, Mastercard Platforms

In his words…

Dan Swift provided the Mastercard/APT Platforms team a truly customized training on social selling.

The content was fully tailored to our business and Dan did a great job of keeping the team engaged throughout the day long training. 

Some key quotes from the team:

  • ‘What I liked most was the confidence it gave me to pursue social selling strategies in my outreach’

  • ‘Dan made the presentation relevant to the sales team members, and he obviously did his homework on researching the company and providing tailored examples to our needs’

  • ‘Best part of the training was “The tactical nature where we actually made needed improvements during the training’

  • ‘The training completely transformed my LinkedIn presence’

We would highly recommend Dan to any sales team looking to both embrace social selling but also get actual tactical ways to improve their social selling skills from the training.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.42.32 AM.png
 Andrew Gyenis, Client Solutions, APT Mastercard

Andrew Gyenis, Client Solutions, APT Mastercard

In his words…

3 cups of coffee: $9
Individual Sales Nav License: $800
Full day of sales training with Dan Swift: Priceless.

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