Changing mindset and behavior will enable you to accomplish your goals

Shifting the focus to digital selling is having dramatically positive results for our sales development, account executives, and sales leaders.
— Katie Mevis, VP Sales, SAP SuccessFactors
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“No one has ever bought from me because I’m part of a company. People have bought from me because I’m a person. This is what I’ve learned in my 20 years of sales.” - Dan Swift, Founder and CEO, Empire Selling

Dan Swift helped launch LinkedIn Sales Navigator and catapult social media management platform startup Sprinklr to a $2bn valuation.

With 20 years of leadership experience spanning sales, marketing, and business development, Dan Swift delivers keynote speeches that inspire audiences to change both thinking and behavior. His high energy sessions combine storytelling with audience interaction. Like everything at Empire Selling, we tailor keynotes to the customer’s market, competitive landscape, buying personas and unique challenges.

Example keynote themes include:

  • Aligning to buyer expectations in the digital age

  • Providing value and impact

  • Finding the right people

  • Relating human to human

  • Engaging stakeholders effectively

  • Building consensus to forecast accurately

  • Negotiating effectively with confidence

  • Protecting and expanding customer relationships

  • Securing referrals and advocacy

Learn more about Dan here or by shooting him an email.


We now understand the complexities of a constantly changing, and evolving business sales cycle that exists between buyer and seller. The delivery to our entire sales and client success team was a resounding success
— Andy Monfried, CEO, Lotame