Dan Swift launched LinkedIn's social selling business, brought LinkedIn Sales Navigator to market and created LinkedIn’s profile optimization program for sales professionals ‘Resume to Reputation’. This experience afforded him the opportunity to meet thousands of sales professionals and executives around the world and across industries.

His experience as VP Sales at Sprinklr, the world's fastest growing social media management technology company, expanded his knowledge to Twitter, Facebook and 21 other global social media channels. Dan launched Sprinklr's social selling program with 63% of revenue being influenced by the program and 10.4% larger deals. LinkedIn recognized the success of the Sprinklr social selling program. Sprinklr is now valued at $1.8bn.

Dan launched Empire Social Media LLC and the Empire Selling brand in 2015 to teach sales professionals and executives how to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world. Onalytica Research named Dan as one of the leading social selling influencers globally. Dan has spoken around the world at industry conferences, universities and corporate sales events.