At Empire we believe that traditional sales approaches have been disrupted by changing buyer behavior, the rise of social media and digital more broadly. As a global sales training organization, we teach companies how to leverage these channels to serve customers and drive revenue. Our training programs challenge conventional thinking, are easy to implement and show immediate results.


Dan Swift

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have worked in London, Sydney and now New York with highly talented people at high growth, innovative companies including GE Capital, Complinet, Thomson Reuters, LinkedIn, Sprinklr and now my own company Empire Selling.

Launching the social selling business unit at LinkedIn, bringing LinkedIn Sales Navigator to market and creating LinkedIn’s profile optimization program for sales professionals ‘Resume to Reputation’ afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of sales leaders and sellers around the world across all industries. It was a lot of heavy lifting but was blessed to be recognized by Onalytica Research as one of the leading ‘social selling influencers globally’.

My experience as VP Sales at Sprinklr expanded my knowledge from social selling with LinkedIn to social selling and marketing with Twitter, Facebook and 21 other social channels globally, the broader web, video and mobile technologies. Sprinklr is now valued at $1.8bn.

What gets me out of bed every morning? Coaching people to realize their true potential allowing them to provide the best lives for themselves and their loved ones. If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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Founding the social selling business at LinkedIn and launching LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2012 afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of sales professionals, sales and marketing leaders, and executives from all industries around the world. Empire Selling provides sales professionals with the skills to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world.



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