Today, it’s much more difficult for wealth management firms and their advisors to get the attention of potential clients and build relationships with them. As consumers continue to turn to social media and conduct their research online to learn about investment options, traditional tools and sales approaches grow ever closer to being obsolete. With 2.5 billion people now using it around the world, social media has fundamentally changed the relationship between financial services companies and consumers. Without a concerted effort to infuse social media into sales and marketing practices, advisors risk drifting further away from buyers and ceding clients and assets to more digitally savvy sales ones.

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Our mission is to provide financial advisors with the skills to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world. We do this through a proven successful combination of onsite, remote and online training. Founding the social selling business at LinkedIn and launching LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2012 afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of advisors, sales and marketing leaders, and executives from all industries around the world. Without a concerted effort to infuse social media into sales and business operations, companies and their advisors risk drifting further away from buyers and ceding customers and revenue to more digitally savvy ones.

Dan Swift, Founder & CEO, Empire Selling


Our onsite training includes real-world stories, exercises and applications. Advisors walk away with the tools and confidence to survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world. Our training is delivered via a learning framework combining behavioral change with situational competency.


Our remote training is delivered through a series of face-to-face interactive sessions focused on live application to ensure adoption and results.


Our online sales training portal offers on-demand, real time access, which advisors can leverage from anywhere.


In Action

Over a year and a half ago the head of field marketing at Merrill Lynch asked me to figure out how to help advisors best leverage LinkedIn for client acquisition. For months, Dan traveled the country with me, sitting side-by-side with advisors in order to understand how to best enable them to succeed. Despite having an enormous team to manage and juggling all the accounts he had to oversee, Dan made the time (albeit sometimes at 4 am) to lead progress amidst an increasingly regulated industry. He is passionate about his cause and together we made enormous strides in helping advisors source leads and ask for introductions, resulting in millions of dollars in new assets. Dan’s work ethic and dedication are the reason we attained the results we did. The work we did together, moving prospecting into the digital age, is the professional accomplishment I am the most proud of. His vision and strategic approach make him a rare find in today’s workplace. I feel lucky to have worked so closely with him on such a meaningful project.
— Dawn R. Schricke, Senior Vice President, Head of Advisor Implementation, Digital Marketing at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Dan Swift is a  Social Selling Subject Matter Expert for the Hootsuite Academy, the leading social media management platform.

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How the Financial Industry is Adopting Social Media

by Dan Swift

Financial services is a risk-averse industry by nature. Compliance and regulatory standards initially acted as barriers to full-scale social media adoption. Times, though, they are a-changing, as social relationship platforms like Hootsuite and LinkedIn provide safe, compliant methods to address these challenges.

In this first instalment of a three-part interview series, LinkedIn’s Director of Financial Services, Dan Swift, shared some of his insight into the financial services industry’s increasingly positive relationship with social media. Read on to get his thoughts on what financial institutions are doing, and should be doing, to stay competitive in the social ecosystem.

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How to Use LinkedIn For Financial Services

by Dan Swift

This is the second installment of a three-part interview series with Dan Swift, LinkedIn’s Director of Financial Services. In the first installment, Dan Swift challenged perceptions about social media in the financial services industry. In part two, he shares some practical, hands-on advice for FSI professionals with Ben Cathers, Hootsuite’s Lead Solutions Consultant – Financial Services. Before joining Hootsuite, Ben worked for over three years as Head of Social Media for FINRA-regulated Lightspeed Financial.

Read on to find out what steps you can take to advance your career through LinkedIn.

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Successful Social Media Integration for the Wealth Management Industry: How to Stay Compliant

ref: Dan Swift

These are exciting times for the wealth management industry. Before social media opened up the channels for brand positioning, social monitoring, and making new connections with current and prospective clients, it was difficult—and often cumbersome—to interact in a safe and compliant manner. However, as LinkedIn’s Director of Financial Services, Dan Swift, noted in a recent interview with us, “The data from the SSI [Social Selling Index] shows a surprising forerunner: the industry around wealth management, which is interesting as it’s one of the most highly regulated sectors. This area has solved a lot of its compliance challenges, and recognizes the enormous potential of social media.”


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