Executive Leadership

Tracks for Corporate, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services.

Select topics include:

  • Creating an effective executive LinkedIn profile.
  • Controlling your privacy & confidentiality.
  • Efficiently connecting with the people that matter.
  • Showing your company as innovative by having social engaged leaders.
  • Offering an authentic, human face to your company.
  • Being a voice of your industry and building thought leadership.
  • Connecting with your customers.
  • Empowering your sales and customer organizations to leverage your network effectively and professionally.
  • Executive prospecting.
  • Staying on top of the leading ideas in your industry.
  • Hiring the best talent in the world.
  • Keeping tabs on the competition.
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My team used Dan Swift and Empire Selling to help us understand the complexities of a constantly changing, and evolving business sales cycle, that exists between buyer and seller. Technology, Devices, and Communication have all radically transformed —- (both the conversation in pre-sales and sales) and the way that the conversation with a prospect starts, and ends. Dan’s demeanor, professionalism and approach were amongst the best techniques to dealing with, and understanding how to sell in a social world, where the rules have completely changed. Dan’s delivery to our entire sales and client success team was a resounding success. My team within 24 hours of Dan’s talk — had deployed his model, and got new meetings, connections, and recommendations. The results were “Swift and Immediate”. I highly recommend Dan for any company looking to differentiate their approach and style, to win more business and drive better revenue. Thank you Dan Swift for being an awesome, performance driven, and results oriented professional.
— Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO, Lotame