Forward thinking executives and sales leaders must learn how to leverage the power of social media, the broader web and mobile technologies to drive revenue and remain relevant to their employees and their companies.

Dan Swift has coached hundreds of executives and sales leaders around the world across all industries. He teaches with compassion tailoring the content to the digital maturity of his audiences and industry.

Seton Hall Executive Suite 2016

Seton Hall Executive Suite 2016

Dan either works 1-on-1 with executives and sales leaders, or together with their teams, to ensure they understand the power of digital for business.


“As a professor of both social/digital AND professional selling, Dan is really one of the few that knows social selling upside-down and inside-out. I met Dan at executive series sponsored by Seton Hall University where Dan had the keynote. This event, titled ‘The Social CEO’ focused specifically on social/digital strategies B2B firms can employ to increase revenue. The keynote was excellent and Dan fielded almost an hours worth of questions from the group”.

— Dr. Dan Ladik, Director, MBA Program & Associate Professor of Marketing, Seton Hall University

“Dan Swift is a master of his craft, one who truly empathizes with his client and sees the world through their eyes, whether it’s a fortune 500 CEO or a new advisor".

— Beth Wood, CMO, Guardian Life

“Dan has been a terrific member of our advisory board. He’s super smart — and not just about social media. He’s also very engaged and just a pleasure to work with".

— Paul Carroll, CEO, Insurance Thought Leadership

“When you meet Dan it is so obvious that this guy lives life. He is working in a field that fuels his passion. His expertise and thought leadership in social media is extraordinary and makes you want to be around him and hear his stories. I am fortunate to interact with all types of business professional on a weekly basis and Dan represents the kind you just want to be around more! if you have a chance to work with Dan grab it!”

— Linda T. McGuigan, President, The John Maxwell Company

“He is EXCELLENT. He greatly accelerated my learning curve and gave me gave me great tools I can use immediately. Dan is also a sincerely nice person, who is interested in whomever he is speaking with. If you have the chance to work with/learn from Dan, be sure to take it".

— Mark Ricca, President & CEO, First American International Bank

“I recently had Dan serve as the keynote speaker for our Executive Suite Series program here at Seton Hall University. His subject matter expertise, in your face statistics and wonderful delivery made this program very well received. Dan is personable and super smart and his knowledge of the industry is mind blowing. I’d HIGHLY recommend him for any speaking or problem solving concerning social media and its impact on business. He’s a WOW!”

— Director, Corporate Alumni Relations, Seton Hall University