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 eMarketer Sales Kick-Off 2018

eMarketer Sales Kick-Off 2018

 David Iankelevich, EVP Sales & Marketing, eMarketer

David Iankelevich, EVP Sales & Marketing, eMarketer

In his words…

Dan and Empire Selling came in to do a workshop with our sales and account management team of 75 people on the topic of social selling.

Dan captivated the room of sellers for over an hour with inspirational guidance and tactical takeaways.

From the most senior seller to entry level SDR's, Dan had something that everyone can benefit from. Immediately after the team starting putting Dan's advice to work.

If you are looking to improve the skills of your team and are focused on modernizing your sales efforts, Dan and Empire Selling are a no-brainer to bring in and help.

I look forward to working with Dan to reinforce the session with future engagements.

 Stephanie Blair, Vice President, eMarketer

Stephanie Blair, Vice President, eMarketer

In her words…

I had the pleasure of seeing Dan present at our sales summit this past summer.

As a successful seller himself, I found his style, examples and best practices to be more actionable and impactful than what you get with many training programs.

We also loved that we were able to surface real life, challenging account examples. Dan then used his social selling techniques within these accounts to help us move the dial, simultaneously highlighting the success of his process.

I can honestly say that my entire team is better as a result of his session. We all look forward to future engagements with him.

 Anthony Scatuccio, Senior Director, Sales at eMarketer

Anthony Scatuccio, Senior Director, Sales at eMarketer

In his words…

Dan and Empire Selling helped open my eyes to modern social selling.

I've already recommended ES to a number of colleagues and former colleagues.

He's refreshingly excited about what he does and I expect his business to grow quickly.

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