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At Military Veteran Partners, we empower Veterans through entrepreneurship. Dan spent a day with our team of Veterans, military spouses and Veteran family and has transformed the way their sales strategies and the way they represent themselves as a brand and as sales people. His thoughtful, interactive and well-planned approach is exactly what our business needs. Dan is more than a trainer - he’s a leader and mentor. We are proud to have him on our team.
— Suzanne, Harris, CMO, Military Veteran Partners
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Unbelievable experience!! This workshop lifted my visibility and my bottom line! Best training session ever! These were just of the reactions i tapped in the aftermath of last years awesome workshop on Social Selling run by Dan Swift from Empire. And as the sales year progressed, those solutions sales peole who implemented Dans techniques averaged results almost 20% higher than their peers and our software sales at SAI Global grew 35% year on year. 
Preaching to the converted? Sure, why not! I will take that added edge for my best sales people every day of the week. Huge gratitude Dan Swift; as i looked back on all the numbers, you were the single best investment that i made in our Americas sales team last year.
— Michael Orrick, SVP Commercial, SAI Global
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My team used Dan Swift and Empire Selling to help us understand the complexities of a constantly changing, and evolving business sales cycle, that exists between buyer and seller. Technology, Devices, and Communication have all radically transformed —- (both the conversation in pre-sales and sales) and the way that the conversation with a prospect starts, and ends. Dan’s demeanor, professionalism and approach were amongst the best techniques to dealing with, and understanding how to sell in a social world, where the rules have completely changed. Dan’s delivery to our entire sales and client success team was a resounding success. My team within 24 hours of Dan’s talk — had deployed his model, and got new meetings, connections, and recommendations. The results were “Swift and Immediate”. I highly recommend Dan for any company looking to differentiate their approach and style, to win more business and drive better revenue. Thank you Dan Swift for being an awesome, performance driven, and results oriented professional.
— Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO, Lotame
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Dan Swift has an encyclopedic knowledge of social selling that he shares with polished presentation skills. He will not let you down! Dan was the featured speaker at my company’s 2016 Digital Expo in New Jersey. His presentation provided our audience of professional insurance agents with actionable takeaways they could implement immediately. He provided agents with expert advice on optimizing their LinkedIn profiles and leveraging their networks. His energy and insights had the audience completely engaged for the entire three hour presentation. He encouraged audience questions and was adept at answering them on the spot. I highly recommend Dan for any company looking to have a social selling expert provide concrete guidance and useful insights to their audience.
— Laura (Price) Castellano, Business Development Manager, Plymouth Rock
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Sailthru is the largest sender of personalized email in the world. We send more than 70 billion personalized email messages every year. Email is the most profitable digital marketing channel: it pays for itself in spades, with every $1 spent on email yielding an average $44 return. But email has changed more in the last 5 years than any other form of direct marketing. Leading marketers now view email as part of a complete retention strategy capable of delivering significant revenue, instead of just a standalone channel. 

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As a professor of both social/digital AND professional selling, Dan is really one of the few that knows social selling upside-down and inside-out. I met Dan at executive series sponsored by Seton Hall University where Dan had the keynote. This event, titled “The Social CEO” focused specifically on social/digital strategies B2B firms can employ to increase revenue. The keynote was excellent and Dan fielded almost an hours worth of questions from the group. We have stayed in touch ever since as anytime I have a deeper question on social selling, I go straight to Dan.
— Dr. Dan-o Ladik, Director MBA Program & Associate Professor of Marketing, Seton Hall University
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