"Unbelievable experience!! This workshop lifted my visibility and my bottom line! Best training session ever! These were just of the reactions I tapped in the aftermath of last year's awesome workshop on Social Selling run by Dan Swift from Empire. And as the sales year progressed, those solutions sales people who implemented Dan's techniques averaged results almost 20% higher than their peers and our software sales at SAI Global grew 35% year on year. Preaching to the converted? Sure, why not! I will take that added edge for my best sales people every day of the week. Huge gratitude Dan Swift; as I looked back on all the numbers, you were the single best investment that I made in our Americas sales team last year".

— Michael Orrick, EVP Commercial, SAI Global

"I was impressed with the content and knowledge. He covers history and stats around Social Selling as well as easy, actionable steps every sales professional can take in prospecting plus useful tools for posting content or sales hunting. Dan also shares successful examples from his own experience pitching digital solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Lastly, Dan presents the information in an energetic, passionate manner. Highly recommended for your sales organization be it B2C, B2B, SMB or Enterprise across industries".

— Andrew Malkin, Enterprise Account Executive, Consumer Goods, Salesforce

"I have a background in social media software and it's strategic use for marketing from previous experience and my background in business school. I can easily say that Dan provided more value than the courses, articles or experience I've had in the past. He is an authority on Social Selling and really knows his stuff. Not only was the overall strategy insightful and thought-provoking, the tactics and tips he was able to demonstrate made it easy for me to make adjustments with my own social presence and how I approach social selling. His charismatic approach and prepared materials make evolving your opinion on the power of social media tangible. I would (and have recommended) Dan and Empire Selling to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and improve their presence both on and offline".

— Tom Johnston, Commercial Account Executive, Salesforce

"I would highly recommend Empire Selling to anyone in sales, sales leadership, and marketing. For anyone in sales, social selling is very relevant topic. Dan's course provides an excellent introduction into the whys of social selling, as well as practical instruction on how to improve your social selling efforts".

— Dave Rowe, Client Lead, Gartner

"I found it to be extremely informative and helpful. From Dan's best practices for establishing yourself as a trusted advisor to having a content strategy and leveraging social media for research to making a connection, Dan was instrumental in helping me better utilize the power of social media. I highly recommend Empire Selling for empowering yourself and leveraging social media to boost your personal brand and business to win deals".

— Troy Larkin, Digital Director, Lightpost Digital

"Check out his incredible track record. Dan has all of the professional qualities and background of a leader but what truly sets Dan apart from his peers is all of the intangibles you can't put on a LinkedIn page or resume. Dan genuinely cares about everyone he interacts with - clients, colleagues, it doesn't matter. By putting people's wellbeing at the center of everything he does he inspires his team on a daily basis and makes his clients believe he can take them to a place that they can't get to on their own. Dan's the guy that gives the thoughtful keynote and is the exact same person when get gets off stage. He's incapable of not being genuine, caring is in his DNA and compassion is his primary currency. Working with or for Dan will not only make you smarter or more successful - it will make you a better person".

— Chris Curtis, Director, CreatorIQ

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in Dan’s Empire Selling class in New York City. Dan is not only very well versed in the subject matter but his passion for authentic social media presence was inspiring and contagious! What I most appreciated about Dan’s class was that he provided us with a structured approach and methodology to make social selling easy for us (sellers) to understand, while providing the tools we need to be most effective. Often times trainers forget to connect the 'why' for the audience but Dan truly engaged us with his anecdotes, passion and experience".

— Lena Budraitis, Director, Magnesol

"I highly recommend Empire Selling. Dan covers a vast amount of material in a very personal and professional manner. I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my ability to understand and more effectively leverage LinkedIn".

— Marc Christmas, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Mitchel & Titus, LLP

"Do it!! I hit my targets, use tools like LinkedIn and Twitter for research, and reach out to prospects with calls and emails. Social selling is so much more than that. Empire Selling provides the vision, cadence and tools to engage with your customers driving them to you. You receive to-do lists and a coach to make you an effective social seller. Selling is so much more fun when your customers come to you!"

— Roger Keren, Enterprise Customer Advisor, Amazon

"When you meet Dan it is so obvious that this guy lives life. He is working in a field that fuels his passion. His expertise and thought leadership in social media is extraordinary and makes you want to be around him and hear his stories. I am fortunate to interact with all types of business professional on a weekly basis and Dan represents the kind you just want to be around more! if you have a chance to work with Dan grab it!"

— Linda T. McGuigan, President, Corporate Leadership Solutions, The John Maxwell Company

"Dan says it best himself. He's a human being who cares about other human beings. His willingness to offer up advice, and provide a helping hand separate him from the rest of the pack. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the human element of sales, with his social media expertise, Dan is one of the few who walk the walk, and talk the talk. He's experienced, poised, and brings a game-changing energy to everything he does".

— Alessandro Raffa, Account Executive, SaleMove