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About Corporate Insight

Corporate Insight (CI) was founded in 1992 with a mission to help companies across the financial services industry provide the best possible customer experience for their prospects, customers and advisors.

From the perspective of actual account holders, we are able to provide our clients with detailed, unbiased research and actionable recommendations to improve their digital offerings and overall user experience.

Corporate Insight’s research examines how financial service companies connect with prospective and current customers via digital channels – websites, mobile platforms and social media properties – and offline channels – branch, mail and phone-based systems.

By comparing the offerings of competing firms, we are able to highlight best practices related to content, design, functionality and offline support.

 Corporate Insight Annual Meeting 2018

Corporate Insight Annual Meeting 2018

 Michael Ellison, President, Corporate Insight

Michael Ellison, President, Corporate Insight

In his words…

We recently brought Dan in to work with our team on how to fully leverage the LinkedIn platform.

Dan is a great presenter, has intimate knowledge of social selling and LinkedIn, and was exceedingly helpful in getting our team up and running.

If you have a sales team that can benefit from improving their social selling capabilities, I highly recommend Dan and Empire Selling!

 Chase Marshall, Vice President, Corporate Insight

Chase Marshall, Vice President, Corporate Insight

In his words…

Dan took a consultative approach to understanding our organization (B2B) and how we conduct business.

We gained a playbook for social selling, networking and content that are the pillars of our strategy forward.

We engaged Empire Selling to define our social media frameworks across sales and marketing.

Dan’s expertise with LinkedIn is priceless to identify best practices and provide actionable recommendations for an organization to grow – especially since rules of engagement across social media have lots of gray area.

His sessions are engaging for the audience (even fun) with individually tailored advice for the staff to revamp profiles and inspire new behavior.

Having sales and support staff trained by Empire Selling is a fundamental step towards growth.

 Dana Peterson, Vice President - Operations & Product Development, Corporate Insight

Dana Peterson, Vice President - Operations & Product Development, Corporate Insight

In his words…

Dan’s knowledge of how to leverage the full value of social media with a special emphasis on LinkedIn are only exceeded by his passion to help others realize their potential.

He presented at my place of work where he engaged the entire company to think more broadly about engagement through social media.

His overarching message was inspirational yet was supported with practical takeaway’s each person could implement immediately. It caused me to re-think how LinkedIn supports my career as well as my day-to-day projects. 

Dan’s workshop was entertaining and informative. He prepared thoroughly as he reviewed all my colleague’s profiles on LinkedIn and showcased best practices from his research.

His advice and coaching are valuable for any company who wants to understand how to leverage social media properly.

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