Today, it’s much more difficult for companies to get customers’ attention, build relationships with them and create and sustain brand loyalty. And that translates into less-certain revenue and a much higher cost of sales. Sales organizations risk getting left behind as buyers become more self-sufficient in seeking out information via online resources to educate themselves; shorten and streamline the sales process by purchasing directly via digital self-service channels; and turn to salespeople for help with only their most complex purchasing decisions.

It is critical for sales organizations to enthusiastically embrace digital. As buyers continue to turn to digital channels to learn about and purchase solutions, traditional sales tools and approaches grow ever closer to being obsolete. Without a concerted effort to infuse digital into sales operations, companies risk drifting further away from buyers and ceding customers and revenue to more digitally savvy enterprises. 

Corporate programs include:

  • Territory definition & account planning

  • Pipeline building

  • Account mapping & multi-threading

  • Conducting mutually successful  calls & meetings

  • Value selling

  • Identifying & recruiting digital selling talent

  • Onboarding & ramping for success

  • Effective forecasting

In this case study, Founder & CEO Dan Swift explains how his teams leveraged Empire Selling to drive growth at $1.8bn valued software company Sprinklr.


What to expect?

Less time on non-productive activities

Sales reps who use digital selling are 5.7 times more likely to secure meetings.

Convert more leads to sales

A marketing automation company increased its lead-to-close conversion rate by 25% through digital selling.

Boost the average deal size

A world leader in enterprise software saw a 64% increase in average deal size after adopting digital selling.

Create a bigger pipeline with more leads

A large telecom’s digitally enabled sales reps generated twice as many sales opportunities as its traditional sales reps.

Less time finding the right contacts

Sales reps who actively use digital selling capabilities are 2.7 times more likely to identify the best path into a potential client.

Less money to onboard high-performing sales teams

A multinational sales organization found that their inside salespeople who used digital selling achieved 150% of quota on average.




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Don't take our word for it.

"Unbelievable experience!! Empire Selling lifted my visibility and my bottom line! Best training ever! These were just of the reactions I tapped in the aftermath of last year's awesome training on Social Selling run by Dan Swift from Empire. And as the sales year progressed, those solutions sales people who implemented Dan's techniques averaged results almost 20% higher than their peers and our software sales at SAI Global grew 35% year on year. Preaching to the converted? Sure, why not! I will take that added edge for my best sales people every day of the week. Huge gratitude Dan Swift; as I looked back on all the numbers, you were the single best investment that I made in our Americas sales team last year".

— Michael Orrick, EVP Commercial, SAI Global

"Dan's guidance in the social selling realm has truly transformed my perception of the entire sales cycle, and why finding a mutual interest/connection while putting yourself and your product second behind your customers needs/desires, gets you to the front of the line. Working with Dan's insights has been nothing but incredible - I will utilize and incorporate his teachings for the rest of my career".

— Leland Folkes, Account Manager, Planview

"When you meet Dan it is so obvious that this guy lives life. He is working in a field that fuels his passion. His expertise and thought leadership in social media is extraordinary and makes you want to be around him and hear his stories. I am fortunate to interact with all types of business professional on a weekly basis and Dan represents the kind you just want to be around more! if you have a chance to work with Dan grab it!"

— Linda T. McGuigan, President, Corporate Leadership Solutions, The John Maxwell Company