Keep it human when networking online.

You have to keep it human when it comes to online networking. If you went to an in-person networking event, would you go up to every single person at the event and introduce yourself by saying: "I think I have something that will be of interest to you" or "I think it would make sense for us to be connected"? I suspect not. So don't do it on LinkedIn.

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Getting a seat at the table with the person that matters the most.

One of the biggest challenges for many sales people is getting a seat at the table with the person that matters the most. The economic buyer. The person with budget and discretionary spending authority to make decisions quickly. It's not one of the biggest challenges because these people are awful human beings who don't want to speak with us. Most economic buyers are very nice people. It's the biggest challenge because they are suffering from what is becoming known as 'seller fatigue'.

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Educate, Differentiate, Position, Motivate.

Many people join LinkedIn to get a job or to change jobs. They upload their resume or CV proudly boasting about their professional accomplishments in an attempt to appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Others join, then do little more, presenting an empty page to the world.

Here’s the problem.

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