Empire Selling Index (ESI): A quick preview.

We're putting the finishing touches to the Empire Selling Index (ESI). ESI scores individuals and teams against the inadvertent adoption of the core pillars of the Empire Selling methodology. Why does it matter?

We used ESI internally in 2018 to assess the social selling maturity of potential customers prior to signing agreements. As we were being evaluated by potential customers, we were also evaluating potential customers to know what we'd be getting into with each engagement, what level of effort would be needed, and where we would need to double-down to achieve maximum ROI for our customers.

In 2019 we will be using ESI to demonstrate adoption of the methodology to customers across individuals and teams. Managers can use the score to coach and performance manage their people more effectively. It's been tested at two of our largest customers and we have been seeing a direct correlation between high ESI and pipeline development.

So pumped!