The Iceberg Illusion: What people don't see.

Success is an iceberg. There is what people see on the surface: confidence, wealth, beauty, relationships, seniority. Then there is what people don't see hiding below the surface: persistence, failure, sacrifice, disappointment, good habits, hard work and dedication. This is beautifully depicted by @sylviaduckworth.


1. Persistence is admirable, as long as it's for the right things. Ask for, and be open to feedback from friends and family. Sometimes it's not easy to see the wood for the trees when you are too close to something.

2. Embrace failure. It's okay to fail. It's actually important to fail, but learn from it and don't make the same mistakes again.

3. Sacrifice is another admirable quality but what are you sacrificing for success? Losing sight on what is important, sacrificing time and relationships with family and friends, is not admirable.

4. Disappointment should be expected. You will always be disappointed by people and events. That's life. Accept it and get busy living.

5. Good habits should be embraced, and shared, to make you more productive and successful, and to make the world a better place. Take a pause to look at your daily routine, reflect and rebalance. Life is not a dress rehearsal. 

6. Hard work is praised, but this doesn't mean you have to work long hours. It means you simply need to focus on the things that will move the needle for you, your team, your company.

7. Dedication. You can only be dedicated if you are passionate. Life's short. Get passionate.

The key to the 'Iceberg Illusion' is creating balance in your life. We live in a fast-paced digital world. Take a sheet of paper and write down the things that cause you stress, discomfort, happiness, excitement and joy. Recalibrate and apply.

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