This isn’t your average B2B sales training. Our programs are highly customized so they’re relevant to your sales people, target industries, buying personas, competitive landscape and organizational structure. Our focus is on adoption at the beginning of an engagement and continuous learning combined with reinforcement throughout the year.


1. Understanding

We gather necessary insights about your company, organizational structure, products, services, industry, buying personas, competitive landscape, sales process and sales methodologies. We use these insights to ensure the Empire Selling program is customized to the needs of your company and resonates with participants.

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2. Alignment

High-impact workshops leveraging what we learned from the ‘Understand’ stage ensures executives along with senior members from your sales and marketing teams are certified in the Empire Selling methodology. Leaders need to be able to coach against the methodology before rolling it out to the entire organization. This stage is pivotal because it sets the stage for alignment. Our clients tell us repeatedly that these alignment workshops get them to a place cross-functionally that results in bottom-line impact.

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3. Production

We integrate the information secured from the ‘Align’ stage into the baseline curriculum. We also identify and develop any new materials that are needed to support the sales training and ensure adoption. During this process, we also make sure that you are in full agreement with what we are presenting to your teams during delivery.

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4. Delivery

Delivery is when the program is launched to the sales organization with the training materials that were created during the previous stages. Our approach is based on state-of-the-art adult learning models. The majority of the instruction consists of workshops, role plays and practical exercises that leverage real-world selling scenarios. Pre-work is made available to participants ahead of the ‘Delivery’ stage.


5. Adoption

We ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for this initiative. Immediately after training, remote reinforcement modules are scheduled for attendees that drive consistent reinforcement of the methodology. All participants are invited to a closed LinkedIn group strictly for your organization where they can ask questions of Empire Selling and their peers to maximize the investment.