We help sellers, leaders and companies survive and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Buyers have changed the way they buy. Prospecting techniques like cold calling and cold emailing are increasingly ineffective and damage your professional and corporate brand. Sales methodologies that do not seamlessly incorporate industry shifting trends like the internet, social media and mobile technologies are obsolete. To remain relevant, you can no longer carry on with outdated sales methodologies, strategies and tactics. You need to become just as digital as your customers.

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Empire Selling is the world’s only true digital selling methodology created by Dan Swift one of the founding fathers of social selling at LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Solutions and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Individual sellers can get started with Empire Selling Online, our cutting edge video technology, on an annual subscription basis.

Companies that are solving for digital transformation across the sales organization can license a corporate version which is customizable to your company’s value proposition and target market. Our corporate programs are delivered through a successful combination of in person classroom, webinar and video training.

Recognized as a leading global digital selling influencer across B2B, Insurance, Business Banking and Wealth Management.


Dan has spoken around the world at industry conferences, universities and corporate sales events. 

Dan has spoken around the world at industry conferences, universities and corporate sales events. 


"It was an absolute honor and pleasure to work with Dan at LinkedIn. Dan's infectious energy, charismatic personality, dedication and strategic mindset fundamentally changed the trajectory of LinkedIn forever".

- Jaymie Brill, Enterprise Sales Manager, LinkedIn




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Modern buying behavior and the impact on traditional sales outreach. Time is a sales person's most important commodity. We must spend it on activities that will have the biggest ROI. Understanding the buyer allows us to understand how best to engage in today's digital world.

Creating a digital customer-first professional identity (on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) positioning yourself as a trusted advisor to your buyers. If your outreach is good enough, and your buyer is intrigued, the natural human reaction is to see who sent the message. In today's digital world, your buyer will check you out on LinkedIn. A robust digital presence elevates you in the mind of your buyer from typical salesperson to trusted advisor and encourages engagement.

Building and nurturing your online professional and personal networks allows for warm introductions at scale and measurably more new business opportunities. Why keep knocking on a closed door when an existing client, friend, colleague or family member could simply walk you in the door?

Executing a digital content strategy to educate first, generate net new leads second. Buyers are not always in buying mode. Delivering the right content, to the right person at the right time keeps you front of mind with your buyers so when they are in buying mode they think of you first before your competition.

Achieving industry thought leader status elevating you to the C-Suite. Have real business conversations with budget owners. Remember. You will get relegated to the level in the organization to how you present yourself and how you are perceived by your buyer. You will stay at the C-Suite if you engage with the right content that adds value at their level.


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Spending time identifying corporate objectives and conducting the right research on the people that matter the most.

Finding and testing coaches, champions and economic buyers to fast-track sales cycles. You need a digital go-to-market prescriptive and repeatable approach for account planning, relationship mapping and engagement.… and then you need to execute. 

Empire Selling brings human back to modern selling. Leveraging digital insights allows sellers to relate with buyers in a human way. Remember. People buy from people. Are your sellers selling in a human way and differentiating themselves from the competition or are they giving your competition the edge with typical ineffective and annoying outreach.

Buyers are desperate to learn from sales professionals but sadly most are suffering from seller and vendor fatigue. Empire Selling maps to the Challenger Sale Model allowing sales professionals to leverage digital insights to teach, tailor and take control of the sales process.


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Planning and executing effective multi-threading into target accounts to control the consensus purchase. According to the Harvard Business Review, there are 6.8 people in the average B2B buying decision making process. Empire Selling teaches how to research, find, relate and engage with these people in your target accounts as well as the 5-10x other people that will influence them. Too often sellers get stuck single threading talking to one person within an account. How often has that person then gone quiet leaving your sales opportunity to stall or worst case die. It is critical for salespeople and the success professionals that support them to multi-thread effectively at all levels within a target account and existing customer accounts to hunt for net new opportunities.

Partnering with procurement to close with precision, and much, much more.




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